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Intro to Cytology: The 101 and Knowing What to Ignore

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In this Mini-Lesson You'll Learn:


The Cytologic Algorithm 


A Basic Approach to Reviewing Slides. 


A Variety of Artifacts to Ignore! 


(Note: This is not a RACE approved lesson)  

A Note From Kate...

Hey there! I’m Dr. Kate Baker, a veterinary clinical pathologist with a passion for teaching and a mission to help veterinary professionals become more comfortable with and excited by cytology and hematology.

I know how daunting cytology can be, especially when you're first starting out. But I promise-- it can actually be fun! It all starts with understanding the basics, which is why I created this free mini-lesson for you! Here you'll learn the foundation for understanding cytology which will make your life so much easier (I promise, things will stop looking just like pink and purple blobs and start to make more sense).

This is is a great place to start, but if you're itching to learn even more from here, check out the full Mastering Cytology course to build on what you've learned!

I'm here to help you learn to love the microscopic world and use that newfound confidence to do what is best for your patients-- it's what I love to do.

Happy learning!