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An easy-to-Miss Blood Smear Finding

Have a cool one for you today!

Blood smear from a thrombocytopenic horse.

Well well well, what are those doing in there?! This explains her thrombocytopenia....

These are...(drum roll please)... ...

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Cytology Schoolhouse and Pocket Pathologist Have Merged!

TL;DR - The Veterinary Cytology Schoolhouse is now part of Pocket Pathologist!

A message from Dr. Kate Baker (founder of Veterinary Cytology Schoolhouse and Pocket Pathologist):

In 2018, I founded...

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A Real Life Case of Mycoplasma Haemocanis

A 7 year old Pit Bull Terrier presents to Internal Medicine with an unexplained regenerative anemia. 

I LOVE cases like this where the answer is right there in the blood smear. ...

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Bundles and Bundles and Bundles, Oh My!

Did you know that you can see collagen in mast cell tumors? And sometimes, it's A LOT!

This is a case where there was a ton of collagen present. This happens when collagen is...

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14 Year Old Golden with a Mass --> Beautiful Badness

You never want a pathologist to say your cytology is "beautiful".

It's just one of those weird things in the path world-- it's hard not to appreciate the "beauty" in the cytology, even when you know...

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A Freaky (but Unimportant) Blood Smear Finding

Have you ever seen one of these in a blood smear?

Looks freaky doesn't it?

This is a hemoglobin crystal, and it's actually not important at all! This is just an artifact where the hemoglobin...

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