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When Mast Cell Tumors Play Hide-and-Seek

This case right here demonstrates just how important cytology is...

10 year old dog with a soft subcutaneous mass.

Submission form: "Suspect lipoma."

Cytology: Nope!

I'm *so* glad this awesome vet...

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Lipoma vs. Liposarcoma: How to Tell the Difference

I get asked this question a lot

How does fat from a lipoma look different than a liposarcoma?

Well, wonder no more, because I have a handy little graphic I whipped up to share with you!...

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Orange is not a common color in cytology... 🍊

You don't see the color orange everyday in cytology.

That is, unless you look at a lot of bleeding lesions/masses!

Hematoidin is a g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s orange, typically rhomboid crystal that looks like...

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An easy-to-Miss Blood Smear Finding

Have a cool one for you today!

Blood smear from a thrombocytopenic horse.

Well well well, what are those doing in there?! This explains her thrombocytopenia....

These are...(drum roll please)... ...

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Cytology Schoolhouse and Pocket Pathologist Have Merged!

TL;DR - The Veterinary Cytology Schoolhouse is now part of Pocket Pathologist!

A message from Dr. Kate Baker (founder of Veterinary Cytology Schoolhouse and Pocket Pathologist):

In 2018, I founded...

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A Real Life Case of Mycoplasma Haemocanis

A 7 year old Pit Bull Terrier presents to Internal Medicine with an unexplained regenerative anemia. 

I LOVE cases like this where the answer is right there in the blood smear. ...

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