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Don't Forget about These Cells that Might Show Up in Organ Aspirates

It’s super important to recognize what mesothelial cells look like, because they can be easily mistaken for neoplastic epithelial cells if you’re not expecting them.

This is one way...

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These Cells Shouldn't be in a Liver!

What are those eosinophils doing in there?

This was a liver aspirate from a dog with an enlarged liver.  There are tons of intermediate to large sized lymphocytes (not supposed to be in a...

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Hey Hepatocytes...You're Showing Your Age...

Definition time!

Lipofuscin is a neat little pigment that you can find in the cytoplasm of hepatocytes. It’s just a normal aging change, so no need to panic when you see it.

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Tip for Aspirating Large Masses

It’s tempting to just aim for the center of masses when sampling, but it’s a good idea to sample multiple different areas in case the center is all necrotic material. This is especially...

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This is What Cushings Livers Look Like Cytologically

Ahhh, the Cushings liver

This case fits in a nice little box tied up with a Cushings bow.

A 14 year old Yorkie presented with PU/PD. His liver was heterogenous and enlarged on abdominal ultrasound,...

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Here is Your $10 Word for the Week: Myelophthisis


This feels like one of the hardest words to say to me. It’s the random “h” thrown in there that gets me.

Have you heard of myelophthisis before? It’s most...

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