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One of My Favorite Effusion Cases EVER

What is the most interesting cavity effusion case you’ve seen in practice?

I’ve seen a lot of cool ones, but this is one of my favorites.

This is from a pleural effusion in a 4 year old...

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The 3 Most Important Components for Evaluating Effusions

These three components are most important for evaluating and classifying cavitary effusions.


Total protein: The total protein of the effusion is part of how we classify effusions as...

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How Many Hepatozoon Gamonts can you Fit in One Photo?

Today's case spotlight is shared with us by fellow clinical pathologist, Dr. Giuseppe Menga. This is a buffy coat prep from a dog with Hepatozoon.

Look at those mamajammas!

In his post, Giuseppe...

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A Weird Bovine Red Blood Cell Parasite - Mycoplasma Wenyonii 🐂 🐄

Hemotropic mycoplasma affects multiple species. We most often think about it causing hemolytic anemia in cats, but do you know how it affects bovines clinically?

Spoiler alert: IT’S WEIRD.


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Morulae... in a Spleen and Liver?!

Here I am, just cruising around this spleen/liver combo sample from a 9 yo Lab with fever, lethargy, joint effusion/pain, and thrombocytopenia. It wasn’t indicated to me why the spleen and...

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Babesia felis- A South African Parasite

Did you know that Babesia felis is only found in coastal South Africa?

What other feline intracellular parasite does Babesia felis look like? That's right, Cytauxzoon!

Babesia felis and Cytauxzoon...

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