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Get Expert Help on In-House Cytology Cases

Send microscopic photos taken with your smartphone to our pathologists via our convenient app. Receive quick diagnostic support, letting you treat your patients with confidence and efficiency.

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Getting a trusted pathologists' opinion on cytology cases can be cost-prohibitive and logistically difficult.

Not every client can afford send-in cytology. Not every case can wait days for results.

What if there was a way to get help from a pathologist on your in-house cytology, using the equipment you already have?

We can help.

Pocket Pathologist‚ĄĘ is an efficient and affordable telecytology service¬†that¬†puts the power of a pathologist right in your pocket.

By sending cytology images captured with your smartphone or microscope camera to our board-certified clinical pathologists through our convenient app, you get the in-house diagnostic support you need quickly, allowing you to treat your patients with efficiency and confidence.

Send your cytology photos directly to a clinical pathologist.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Use your phone or scope camera to take microscopic photos of your sample.

2. Send photos for pathologist review via our app.

3. Download your same-day report.

"I'm Not Good at Taking Microscopic Photos with my Phone..."

We know what you're thinking. Getting good microscopic photos with your phone takes some practice.

But we got chu. 

Download this 1-page guide and start taking textbook-worthy photos today.

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 4 Tips for Better Photos

Start taking pro-level microscopic photos with this quick guide.

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Why Use This Service?

When owner finances are a limiting factor

An economical option for when pet owners don't have traditional "send-in" pathology service in their budget.

When you need info

So you can start planning your next clinical steps. We ensure same day results for cases submitted within business hours.

When you just need some backup

Maybe you feel pretty confident about your in-house assessment, but you still have questions or need some experienced backup.

How is This Different?

It's Convenient

Our custom app allows for easy and organized case submissions. Take photos with your smartphone, upload them in the app, and you’re done!

It's Economical.

Less cost¬†to you means less cost to your client. No need for fancy equipment‚ÄĒ all you need is your smartphone and a microscope.

It's Fast.

You can expect same day results for cases submitted within business hours. Once the case is closed, your report is automatically emailed to you.

"I love this app and the ability to submit photos that allow a dialogue and the direction to get better photos/samples.‚ÄĚ

- Dr. Michaela Fry

Chat Directly with Your Pathologist

Need guidance on taking photos? Want to discuss more details about the case? Your pathologist is just a chat away.  

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Your Pathologist is on duty and ready to help!

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