Ugly Yet Beautiful: Prostatic Urothelial Carcinoma (aka Transitional Cell Carcinoma)

This case was shared by Dr. Shelby Hixon and is an excellent example of prostatic urothelial carcinoma (also/formally known as transitional cell carcinoma) in a 12 year old MN Dachshund. The ultrasound showed an enlarged, heterogeneous prostate with irregular areas of anechoic and hyperechoic material. 



Dr. Hixon took an FNA of the prostate, and what we see are clusters of highly atypical epithelial cells (lots of criteria of malignancy) and occasional cells containing a super gorg blob of pink material (Melamed-Wolinska body is the fancy path term). This is all consistent with UC/TCC.

Did you know that UC/TCC can occur in the prostate? That’s because the urethra runs through the prostate, so it only makes sense you can end up with this at that location!