It's finally easy to take microscopic photos with your phone

One of the things I hear all the time from vets and vet techs is, "How do I take better microscopic photos with my phone?".


Usually, I respond with some tips on how to hold the phone steady, balance with this finger and press with this finger, hold your breath, and pray.


While it does get a little bit easier with time and practice, this remains a frustration for many of us. We as a profession really need a better way to take digital photos.


About 6 months ago, I met Dr. Cade Wilson, a veterinarian and practice owner in Oklahoma. He excitedly told me about a tool he was developing (in partnership with a company that has a good reputation in this area) to help vets take better microscopic photos-- a one of a kind, phone-to-microscope adapter that came with an app and some pretty cool features (read below), called Skoped Micro. I was intrigued.


He sent me two in the mail, one for my phone and one for my husband Will, who is an ER vet and needed a different size since he has a dinosaur iPhone (sorry, Will, it's true).


We started playing around with it, and immediately realized how much EASIER it is to take good photos/videos through the microscope with this.

That's my phone attached to the microscope with the Skoped Micro adapter.


In fact, one day at work, Will was presented with a tachypneic dog who was discovered to have a thoracic mass. He aspirated the mass and sent me these awesome photos that he took with the Skoped Micro adapter. 

Gorg pictures, right?! That's a mast cell tumor...


Not only does this thing make picture-taking a breeze, one of the features I was geeking out about the most was the livestream feature. You can actually livestream what you're seeing in-house to another device via the app-- this is a really cool feature for collab/consultation with another vet or pathologist as well as for teaching.


And last but definitely not least, there is an internal ruler you can use for measuring things like parasite eggs. How handy!


So, now when I'm asked how to take better photos through the microscope, I tell people about Skoped Micro. Which is why I'm writing this email to you too! I feel like everyone needs to know about this took and have one in practice. 


Wouldn't this be the perfect nerdy gift for your practice for the holidays?  I thought so too!