Cytology Schoolhouse and Pocket Pathologist Have Merged!

TL;DR - The Veterinary Cytology Schoolhouse is now part of Pocket Pathologist!

A message from Dr. Kate Baker (founder of Veterinary Cytology Schoolhouse and Pocket Pathologist):

In 2018, I founded the Veterinary Cytology Schoolhouse. This website was built from humble beginnings and had one sole aim: to help you, the veterinary practitioner, feel more comfortable with in-house cytology, through educational resources.

In 2021, I founded Pocket Pathologist. Pocket Pathologist is an app-based telecytology service which allows you to upload your cytology photos from your phone and send them straight to a pathologist for review. Pocket Pathologist has one sole aim: to help you, the veterinary practitioner, with your in-house cytology cases, through real-time pathologist support.

See where I'm going here? πŸ™ƒ

Recently, it has become very clear to me how these two services are aiming towards the same goal. Thus, I felt like they belonged together.

So, we have merged the educational resources from Veterinary Cytology Schoolhouse (e.g. courses, five minute rounds, digital case of the month, etc) with the telecytology service of Pocket Pathologist! 

Everything you knew and loved about Veterinary Cytology Schoolhouse still exists. It just lives with Pocket Pathologist now, under one very happy roof. 

You'll also notice the new branding (colors, logo, patterns, etc) that we've added to Pocket Pathologist. We are really proud of this new look, so we hope you love it too. Big shout out to our amazing designer, Brodi, from Brodi-Rose Creative Co!

We hope you're just as excited about this new path forward as we are. With this change, we plan to bring you SO much more. New courses, new learning resources, new bells and whistles in our telecytology app. 

We can't wait to continue helping you up your in-house cyto game!