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Bundles and Bundles and Bundles, Oh My!

Did you know that you can see collagen in mast cell tumors? And sometimes, it's A LOT!

This is a case where there was a ton of collagen present. This happens when collagen is...

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14 Year Old Golden with a Mass --> Beautiful Badness

You never want a pathologist to say your cytology is "beautiful".

It's just one of those weird things in the path world-- it's hard not to appreciate the "beauty" in the cytology, even when you know...

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A Freaky (but Unimportant) Blood Smear Finding

Have you ever seen one of these in a blood smear?

Looks freaky doesn't it?

This is a hemoglobin crystal, and it's actually not important at all! This is just an artifact where the hemoglobin...

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Would You Have Ever Guessed these are Mast Cells?

 This is an aspirate from an intestinal mass in a middle aged cat.

What in the world are those?

Well, believe it or not, they are mast cells!

Mast cells occasionally have this morphology,...

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Plasma cell tumors... in the GI tract?!

Did you know that plasma cell tumors can occur in the GI tract? Yep!

Feast your eyes on this gorg cytology sample from an intestinal mass in a middle aged dog.

Soooo many beautiful plasma cells with...

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Ultrasound Gel is a Cytologic Annoyance 😤

If you asked these cells what was on their nerves today, they'd say ultrasound gel.

Ultrasound gel looks like globby, magenta bits microscopically. If there's enough of it, it can really interfere...

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