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Constipated Plasma Cells 💩

Flame cells are super ramped up plasma cells that exhibit a pink cytoplasmic hue which represents immunoglobulin. They’re sometimes referred to as “constipated” plasma cells,...

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The good news about skin tumors

Did you know that 60-80% of skin tumors in dogs are benign?

That’s good news! But we can’t know if a tumor is benign or malignant without our microscope, so go ahead and poke...

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U-G-L-Y This Mast Cell Tumor ain't Got No Alibi

Nasty mast cell tumor alert

Isn’t it ugly?

Notice the purple cytoplasmic granules– even though there aren’t a ton, there are enough to know it’s a MCT. And the prominent...

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How Many Dogs with Lymphoma Have Hypercalcemia?

Quick tidbit for you today!

Hypercalcemia is reported to occur in 10% to 40% of dogs with lymphoma and is most common with the mediastinal form.

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A Wild Finding in a Lung Aspirate

WUT! This is one of my favorite cases.

A 5 year old cat presented for progressive tachypnea. Radiographic changes were noted (not described), and the lung was aspirated.


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Young Cat with Large Mammary Glands...What is it Called?

Feline mammary fibroepithelial hyperplasia.

In this condition, young estrous-cycling or pregnant cats (or any cat exposed to progesterone) develop rapid enlargement of the mammary glands. This can...

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