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Don't Confuse this Structure with a Mass!

Have you heard of buccal (aka facial) lymph nodes?

These are lymph nodes that are only present in some dogs and are situated on the muzzle. They can become enlarged due to reactivity or neoplasia...

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Path Chat with Veterinary Technician Specialist in Clinical Pathology, Lori Balliet

In this edition of Path Chats,  I got to sit down with Lori Balliet, a veterinary technician specialist in clinical pathology.

We had a great conversation about her experience...

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Which of These are you Least Likely to See in an Effusion?

There are a number of different types of neoplasia you can see in effusions.

Of the ones listed here, which do you think you’re LEAST likely to see neoplastic cells within the effusion? (i.e....

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Case Spotlight: Pleural Effusion in a Cat

Cyto Case Spotlight:

This is pleural effusion from a 9 year old cat with a 6 week history of difficulty breathing.

This is large cell lymphoma!

The population we’re seeing here are large...

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Case of a Kitten with a Mysterious Pleural Effusion

This case is such a bummer, but a really good one to show how malignancies can affect animals of any age.

A 1 year old castrated male cat presented to his vet for being a bit less playful at home....

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The Difference Between Lymphoma and Chyle

Remember: just because you see lymphocytes in an effusion doesn’t automatically mean it’s lymphoma.

The case on the left here is lymphoma from a pleural effusion. We know that...

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