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Hemolytic Anemia in a Horse: When the Blood Smear Cracked the Case

Ready for a case challenge?

This is a horse case, but even if you’re a small animal practitioner, you’ve probably learned of this at some point even if you haven’t treated a horse...

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When Fat is Inflamed: Panniculitis

Panniculitis can be caused by a number of things including: trauma, foreign bodies, infectious organisms, pancreatic disease, Vitamin E deficiency, adverse drug reactions, immune mediated disease,...

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This Kind of Tumor Can Hide in Fat.. Don't Miss it

Although most “fatty” feeling (soft, squishy) masses will end up being lipomas, you have to watch out for the elusive mast cell tumor that is living in a hidey-hole of fat.

So, even if...

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A Cytologic Spin on Vax Adjuvant

Adjuvant often appears like this globby magenta material on cytology, but interestingly, sometimes vaccine adjuvant can be blue!

There was a study in Vet Clin Path that looked at this and found...

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Vaccine Adjuvant is Gorg on Cytology

This month’s case highlight is from Kari Cameron! This a beautiful example of a vaccine hypersensitivity reaction in a 10 mo Yorkie. This pup was vaccinated 2 weeks prior and presented...

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Definition Time! Let's Talk About the N:C Ratio

Definition time!

The N:C (nuclear to cytoplasmic) ratio is a term used to describe how much cytoplasm there is in a cell compared to how big or small the nucleus is.


Cells with a high...

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